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Title: The NiCE Discussion Room: Integrating Paper and Digital Media to Support Co-Located Group Meetings
Authors: Haller, Michael
Leitner, Jakob
Seifried, Thomas
Wallace, James R.
Scott, Stacey D.
Richter, Christoph
Brandl, Peter
Gokcezade, Adam
Hunter, Seth
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: ACM
Abstract: Current technological solutions that enable content creation and sharing during group discussion meetings are often cumbersome to use, and are commonly abandoned for traditional paper-based tools, which provide flexibility in supporting a wide range of working styles and task activities that may occur in a given meeting. Paper-based tools, however, have their own drawbacks; paper-based content is difficult to modify or replicate. We introduce a novel digital meeting room design, the NiCE Discussion Room, which integrates digital and paper tools into a cohesive system with an intuitive pen-based interface. The combination of digital and paper media provides groups with a flexible design solution that enables them to create, access, and share information and media from a variety of sources to facilitate group discussions. This paper describes the design solution, along with results from a user study conducted to evaluate the usability and utility of the system.
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