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Title: Dynamic Responsive Pedagogy: Implications of Micro-Level Scaffolding
Authors: Sabbaghan, Soroush
Preciado Babb, Paulino
Metz, Martina
Davis, Brent
Keywords: Scaffolding;Responsive pedagogy;Mathematics education;Mathematics for teachers
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Citation: Sabbaghan, S., Preciado Babb, P., Metz, M. & Davis, B. "Dynamic Responsive Pedagogy: Implications of Micro-Level Scaffolding" (2015). In Preciado Babb, P., Takeuchi, M., & Lock, J. (Eds.). Proceedings of the IDEAS: Designing Responsive Pedagogy Conference, pp. 198-207. Calgary, Canada: Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.
Abstract: In mathematics education, scaffolding is often viewed as a mechanism to provide temporary aid to learners to enhance mathematical understanding. Micro-level scaffolding is process by which the teacher returns the student(s) to a conceptual point where scaffolding is not needed. Then the teacher creates a series of incrementally more complex tasks leading to the original task. This process is dynamic, as it often requires multiple steps, and it is responsive because involves moment-by-moment assessment, which shapes each increment. In this paper, we present data on how experienced teachers in the Math Minds Initiative employ micro-level scaffolding. Implications of micro-level scaffolding are discussed.
ISBN: 978-0-88953-384-4
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