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Title: An Interactive VBA Tool for teaching Statistical Process Control (SPC) issues (Lab Manual Instructor version)
Authors: Balakrishnan, Jaydeep
Oh, Sherry
Keywords: Excel VBA;Statistical Process Control (SPC);teaching SPC;Process management
Issue Date: May-2005
Publisher: INFORMS PubsOnLine
Citation: Balakrishnan, J. and Oh, S.L., “An interactive VBA tool for teaching Statistical Process Control (SPC) and process management issues”, INFORMS Transactions on Education, 5, 3, May 2005.
Abstract: With a global emphasis on improved quality, Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an important process management tool with renewed significance. In order to address this issue, we have developed an interactive VBA Tool for teaching SPC and process management issues. Students can experiment with the tool to interactively examine the various issues that affect SPC and gain insight into the important issues in managing a process. The graphical nature of the interface should allow students to visually see the effect of changes in process parameters. A detailed Instructor's Manual and a Student Lab Manual accompany the software.
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