Unplugged from the machine : VLT problem gambling treatment clients

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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)
To gain further insights into video lottery terminal (VLT) problem gambling, the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) launched a clinical study of its treatment clients who experienced problems with VLT gambling. In August and September of 1996, 84 clients completed a self-administered survey at participating treatment sites from across the province. Data were gathered on their behaviors, attitudes and motivations during play, speed of onset and severity of problem gambling; and motivations, expectations and suggestions for treatment. The analysis also incorporated clients' South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS) scores and Client Monitoring System (CMS) admission data. The purpose of the study was to take a closer look at VLT clients in treatment and to gather information to assist treatment and prevention staff in program development and refinement. The study only includes those individuals who sought treatment for their gambling problem. Consequently, the results cannot be interpreted to represent the characteristics or experiences of all gamblers who play VLTs or even those gamblers experiencing problems with VLT play in the population.
South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS), Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC), Video lottery terminals (VLTs), Problem gambling, Gambling--Alberta, Gambling addiction treatment