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Title: Pedagogical Leadership Teams: Magnifying and Spreading Impact
Authors: Brandon, Jim
Saar, Candace
Friesen, Sharon
Brown, Barbara
Yee, Dianne
Keywords: Teaching;Instructional Leadership;Professional Learning;District Leadership
Issue Date: May-2016
Citation: Brandon, J., Saar, C., Friesen, S., Brown, B., & Yee, D. (2016, May). Pedagogical Leadership Teams: Magnifying and Spreading Impact. In M. Takeuchi, A.P. Preciado Babb, & J. Lock. IDEAS 2016: Designing for Innovation Selected Proceedings. Paper presented at IDEAS 2016: Designing for Innovation, Calgary, Canada (pg 152-161). Calgary, Canada: Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.
Abstract: This paper contributes to the emerging conceptualization of pedagogical leadership teaming as a foundation for our ongoing study of leadership, teaching, and learning in the Area III of the Calgary Board of Education. Pedagogical leadership teaming is rooted in five strands of research: (a) effective teaching, (b) shared instructional leadership, (c) professional learning, (d) evidence, relational trust and reflective discourse, and (e) learning focused district leadership. In our further inquiry based on this research informed image we seek to illustrate various ways that pedagogical leadership teams magnify and spread impact of teacher and leader learning on student success.
ISBN: 978-0-88953-390-5
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