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Title: Canadian Raising in a Windsor, Ontario dialect
Authors: Weber, Debby
Keywords: English language--Canada;Canadian raising;Dialectology;Linguistics
Issue Date: Jan-1975
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Weber, D. (1975). Canadian raising in a Windsor, Ontario dialect. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 1(Winter), 22-25.
Abstract: There is a rule found in most if not all Canadian Dialects in which the diphthongs /aw/ and /ay/ are heightened under varied conditions to produce [ʌw] and [ʌy]: this rule has been called Canadian Raising. Let us first look at the most common version of this phonological rule in Western Canada. We have to examine four phonetic environments to see where Canadian Raising is obligatory or blocked. These include the occurrence of the diphthongs /aw/ or /ay/ before a voiced or voiceless consonant, at the end of a word, or where followed by a syllable with primary stress.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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