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Title: Vowel shortening and T-voicing in Canadian English
Authors: Campbell, A. Luella
Keywords: English language--Canada;Linguistics;Dialectology;Phonetics;Phonology;Vowel shortening;Canadian raising
Issue Date: Jan-1975
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Campbell, A. L. (1975). Vowel shortening and T-voicing in Canadian English. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 1(Winter), 26-28.
Abstract: This paper will discuss three regional variations in Canadian dialects. Two of these regions have two rules, which do not seem to be present in the third dialect, Dialect C. These two rules differ in their ordering in the other two dialects, Dialects A and B. All three dialects have the general Canadian Raising Rule. The two rules, which are the subject for this paper, are the Vowel Shortening Rule and the T-Voicing Rule.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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