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Title: Ergative switching in Mabuyag
Authors: Roberts, Jessica Lee
Keywords: Linguistics;Syntax;Mabuyag language;Grammar, Comparative and general--Ergative constructions
Issue Date: May-1978
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Roberts, J. L. (1978). Ergative switching in Mabuyag. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 4(Spring), 65-128.
Abstract: It is the intent of this thesis to examine a rule of syntax in Mabuyag, a language of the Western Torres Strait, and to determine what concerning this rule (called Ergative Swtiching (ES)) is language specific and what falls from a general theory. I show how a rule which appears to be language specific can be better accounted for as a part of a general theory rather than as a language specific fact.
ISSN: 2371-2643
Appears in Collections:Volume 4, Spring 1978

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