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Title: Classifiers and subject prefix alternation in Athapaskan
Authors: Henry, Dave
Keywords: Linguistics;Classifiers (Linguistics);Na-Dene languages;Athabaskan language;Morphology
Issue Date: May-1979
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Henry, D. (1979). Classifiers and subject prefix alternation in Athapaskan. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 5(Spring), 35-50.
Abstract: The basic sentence structure in Athapaskan is subject-object-verb, as illustrated in Hare. The verb is inflected for aspect and subject agreement. If the object of a transitive verb is not stated as an independent NP and the subject is third person, the verb is also inflected for object agreement. Because the subject is third person the object is expressed by the 'obviative' or 'fourth person.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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