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Title: Thematic roles: a semantic feature analysis
Authors: Armstrong, Susan
Keywords: Linguistics;Semantics;Distinctive features (Linguistics);Syntax
Issue Date: Jan-1995
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Armstrong, S. (1995). Thematic roles: a semantic feature analysis. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 17(Winter), 51-56.
Abstract: Frawley has proposed three argument roles which are grouped under the category of logical actors: the roles of agent, author and instrument. Based on his descriptions of the category of logical actors, and the roles themselves, I propose to make two points in this paper. First, I will show that based on syntactic evidence there exists a fourth role in this category, which I will name causer. Secondly, in my opinion there is not a clear theoretical discussion of the relationship between the roles in the category of logical actors. I will propose that, through use of a binary feature system, we can show more clearly the relationship the roles have to each other with respect to their semantic and syntactic function.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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