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Title: Shifting objects and procrastinating subjects*
Authors: Carnie, Andrew
Bobaljik, Jonathan
Keywords: Linguistics;Syntax;Irish language
Issue Date: Jan-1996
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Carnie, A., & Bobaljik, J. (1996). Shifting objects and procrastinating subjects*. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 18(Winter), 23-30.
Abstract: We claim that the Minimalist framework of Chomsky (1993) predicts VSO to be the unmarked word order in a language which has both verb raising and Object Shift (in the sense of Holmberg (1986)). This paper has two sections: In section l, we will show that object shift entails a subject positions lower than the specifier of AgrS. Thus, in a language with verb raising to AgrS, VSO order would be derived trivially. In section 2, we will show how this works in Irish, a language with both overt object shift and VSO matrix ordering.
Description: Andrew Carnie, University of Calgary; Jonathan Bobaljik, Harvard University
ISSN: 2371-2643
Appears in Collections:Volume 18, Winter 1996

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