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Title: Vastus Lateralis Maximum Force-Generating Potential Occurs at Optimal Fascicle Length Regardless of Activation Level
Authors: Herzog, Walter
de Brito Fontana, Heiliane
Keywords: force-length relationship;fascicle;series elasticity;muscle properties;calcium sensitivity;muscle adaptation;electromyography;ultrasound imaging;in vivo muscle function
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: de Brito Fontana, H., & Herzog, W. (2016). Vastus lateralis maximum force-generating potential occurs at optimal fascicle length regardless of activation level. European journal of applied physiology, 116(6), 1267-1277.
Abstract: Despite the fact that everyday movements are hardly ever performed with muscles contracting maximally, our understanding of the force-length relationship is mostly based on in vitro studies using maximal activation. In this study, the in vivo submaximal and maximal force-length relationships of vastus-lateralis were investigated. Force-length relationships were obtained based on maximal and submaximal levels of force and, also, onEMG activation.
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