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Title: Head in Yorùbá derived nouns
Authors: Adéwọlé, L O
Keywords: Linguistics;Yoruba language;Syntax;Morphology
Issue Date: Jan-2000
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Adéwọlé, L. O. (2000). Head in Yorùbá derived nouns. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 22(Winter), 147-160.
Abstract: Studies on Yorùbá have typically ignored or undervalued the place of word structure within a generative grammar. This neglect has a far reaching effect on the study of the language first, because words are the basic units in the description of any language and second, because the Yorùbá word structure offers a microcosm of some of the descriptive problems of sentences in the language. In this paper, therefore, we shall take a critical look at the notion, head, in the Yorùbá morphology within a variant of the Generalised Phrase Structure Grammar (GPSG henceforth) developed by Cann (1986).
Description: L O Adéwọlé, Obáfé̩mi Awólọ́wò̩ University
ISSN: 2371-2643
Appears in Collections:Volume 22, Winter 2000

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