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Title: The distribution and use of aahk- modality in Kainai Blackfoot
Authors: Lewis, Blake
Keywords: Linguistics;Algonquian languages;Blackfoot;Siksika language;Morphology;Syntax;Modality
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Lewis, B. (2014). The distribution and use of aahk- modality in Kainai Blackfoot. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 28(Fall), 49-63.
Abstract: This study investigates the distribution and use of modality in Kainai Blackfoot in the presence of the morpheme aahk-. By using utterance in context tasks and judgement tasks, I elicited data from three native speakers. This study is limited to combinations of strong and weak modals of the epistemic and deontic type. Modality that uses aahk- in Kainai Blackfoot consists of the combination of the morpheme aahk- and a second (optional) morpheme, which join as a single lexical item based on negation use and surface order. Kainai Blackfoot makes a four-way modal distinction. One distinction is between strong and weak modals and a second is made between epistemic and deontic type modals. However, the weak modals have a level of overlap and can be ambiguous.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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