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Title: Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 2, Spring 1976
Keywords: Linguistics;Bilingualism;Symbolism;Code switching (Linguistics);Dutch language;Relational grammar;Syntax;Historical linguistics;Extinct languages;Dalmatian language (Romance);Vegliote dialect;Serbo-Croatian language;Proto-Serbo-Croatian language;Linguistic change
Issue Date: May-1976
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: de Waard, A., Latimer, R., Maciborka, M., & Roberts, J. (Eds.) (1976). Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 2(Spring).
Abstract: LOGOS, the student linguistics club at the University of Calgary is continuing their series of working papers. The contributions to this issue are from the undergraduates and graduates in The Department of Linguistics at The University of Calgary. In general, the papers were used as partial fulfillment for course work, with the topics arising from class discussions. The general areas dealt with are phonology, syntax, and sociolinguistics.
Description: Unfortunately, Karl Grebe's article "Relational Grammar Applied to Nsoq" has been irretrievable and is not included in this digitization.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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