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Title: Towards Creative Learning Spaces?
Other Titles: Exploring Creativity in Postsecondary Learning & Teaching
Authors: Boys, Dr. Jos
Keywords: Spaces;Pedagogies;Technologies;Creativity
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Citation: Boys, Dr. Jos. (2016). Towards Creative Learning Spaces? University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching: Exploring Creativity in Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, Calgary, May 10-11. Calgary, AB: University of Calgary.
Abstract: what kinds of spaces enable…curiosity, awareness, inquiry, empathy, problem-seeking, tacit knowledge, lateral thinking, the non-­verbal, exploration, discovery, messiness, experimentation, ideas, uncertainty, managing ambiguity, risk-­taking, divergence, complexity, nuance, flow, failure, learning from mistakes, prototyping, tinkering, thinking through doing, emergence, inventiveness, innovation, motivation, engagement, commitment, effort, repetition, iteration, distraction, incubation, reflection, self-­direction, participation, sharing, interaction, integration, communication, collaboration, co-­creation, persuasion, beauty, value, transformation...
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