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Title: Labour Force Engagement of Alberta Urban Aboriginals
Authors: Sajid, Shafak
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Citation: Sajid, Shafak. (2012). Labour Force Engagement of Alberta Urban Aboriginals ( Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
Abstract: With the ageing of the population it is expected that Canadian employers will face increasing labour shortages. These challenges are likely to be even greater in the faster growing regions and particularly Alberta. One approach to help address this situation and at the same time generate other important benefits for Aboriginal people is to engage more of the urban Aboriginal population in the labour force. This study is focused on identifying the potential contribution of this population to the labour force, to assess what is being done to engage urban aboriginals in the workforce and identify key success factors and gaps in current policies and strategies. Based upon a review of the literature, experiences in other jurisdictions and results of a survey, the following elements appear to have the greatest potential to significantly engage a higher proportion of urban Aboriginals in the Alberta labour force.
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