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Title: Poverty Reduction Initiatives: Options Available to Municipal Governments
Authors: MacLeod Irons, Angela
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Citation: MacLeod Irons, Angela. (2013). Poverty Reduction Initiatives: Options Available to Municipal Governments ( Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
Abstract: Nobody chooses to live in poverty. However, sometimes circumstances arise that result in individuals and families trying to live their lives on a very low income. Although there have always been anti-poverty advocates trying to prevent and alleviate poverty at the provincial and federal level, there has been a recent push for municipalities to get involved in these activities as well. Municipalities are not a party of their own right under Canada’s constitution, and are instead governed by the provinces. Each province has passed one or more Municipal Government Act that set out the powers and responsibilities for municipalities within their jurisdiction. As such, cities are extremely limited in their powers to both collect revenue, and redistribute income. These limitations need to be taken into account when policies for poverty-reduction are being considered.
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