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Title: A Guaranteed Annual Income Benefits the Health of Canadians with Chronic Illness
Authors: Abinader, Joseph
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Citation: Abinader, Joseph. (2016). A Guaranteed Annual Income Benefits the Health of Canadians with Chronic Illness ( Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
Abstract: Chronic illness is currently the number one cause of death in Canada and the largest cost to our increasingly unsustainable healthcare system. Unfortunately, the massive fiscal and social cost of chronic illness is only expected to get worse as the Canadian population ages. Economists, researchers and politicians across Canada have suggested that novel approaches to health and wellness are required to reduce the rate of chronic illness in Canadian populations. One of these novel approaches is alleviating poverty through a guaranteed Annual Income (GAI). For over forty years, the concept of a guaranteed annual income has been part of welfare discussions in Canada. Canadian research has suggested that a guaranteed income can reduce the cost of healthcare by addressing income security and poverty as upstream determinant of health. By manipulating extracted data from the Canadian Community Health Survey, this study also provides evidence that a guaranteed income is an effective healthcare innovation that warrants further research. This study concludes that a GAI policy is worth investigating as it can help alleviate poverty and the burden of chronic illness in Canada.
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