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Title: Interview with Andy Remic re: Graphic Adventure Creator Games
Authors: Aycock, John
Keywords: Interview, Graphic Adventure, Games
Issue Date: 13-Oct-2016
Series/Report no.: 2016-1089-08;
Abstract: This is an interview with Andy Remic, conducted via email on September 18, 2016. He created a number of games using Graphic Adventure Creator: Green Sonja (1991),King (1991), Moon Magic (1989), Not the Lord of the Rings (1991), Saga of a Mad Barbarian(1991), A Shadow on Glass (1989), Sponge (1989), along with the co-authored Manic Badger (1991). He returned to Graphic Adventure Creator development temporarily in 2009 to create Biohell, a book tie-in. This work received ethics approval from the University of Calgary’s Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board, file REB16-1235. Both interviewer and interviewee have agreed to release this interview under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.1
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