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Title: Whose Man in Havana? Adventures from the Far Side of Diplomacy - Audio Book
Authors: Graham, John W.
Keywords: Diplomats—Canada— Biography;Ambassadors—Canada—Biography;Canada—Foreign relations—1945
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: University of Calgary Press
Citation: Graham, J.W. "Whose man in Havana? : adventures from the far side of diplomacy." Latin American and Caribbean Series; 12. University of Calgary Press, Calgary, Alberta, 2016.
Series/Report no.: Latin American and Caribbean Series;12
Abstract: In Whose Man in Havana? John Graham provides us with a direct look at international relations through his experience as a practitioner who, as he puts it, has been fortunate in his career within the Canadian foreign service and international organizations to be 'in the right place at the right time'. The stuff of novels, he never would have dreamed that his apprenticeship would have him stationed in Cuba spying for the CIA on Soviet military operations. Subsequent assignments proved to be as unexpectedly and bizarrely entertaining. Throughout the book, he has focused on the lighter side of people and places, but almost everywhere the dark side intrudes, particularly the man-made dark side, providing quite a bit of black comedy. He notes that diplomacy at its most effective is neither dry nor humourless. The book is focused mainly on Latin America and the Caribbean, but other chapters range across Bosnia, the UK, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, and Crete.
ISSN: 1925-9638
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2_Foreword by Robert Bothwell.wavForeword by Robert Bothwell35.13 MBWAVView/Open
3_Preface.wavPreface42.12 MBWAVView/Open
4_Book One - Dominican Republic.wavBook 1 - Dominican Republic307.78 MBWAVView/Open
5_Cuba.wavBook 1 - Cuba257.73 MBWAVView/Open
6_United Kingdom.wavBook 1 - United Kingdom50.72 MBWAVView/Open
7_Japan.wavBook 1 - Japan39.93 MBWAVView/Open
8_Guyana.wavBook 1 - Guyana234.65 MBWAVView/Open
9_Suriname.wavBook 1 - Suriname78.36 MBWAVView/Open
10_Trinidad and Tobago.wavBook 1 - Trinidad and Tobago52.52 MBWAVView/Open
11_Grenada.wavBook 1 - Grenada155.65 MBWAVView/Open
12_Haiti.wavBook 1 - Haiti26.53 MBWAVView/Open
13_Central America and Columbia.wavBook 1 - Central America and Columbia43.93 MBWAVView/Open
14_Panama.wavBook 1 - Panama39.21 MBWAVView/Open
15_Central America.wavBook 1 - Central America72.14 MBWAVView/Open
16_Venezuela, Haiti and the DM.wavBook 1 - Venezuala, Haiti and the DM296.89 MBWAVView/Open
17_Book Two - Dominican Republic.wavBook 2 - Dominican Republic245.35 MBWAVView/Open
18_Haiti.wavBook 2 - Haiti69.23 MBWAVView/Open
19_Bosnia.wavBook 2 - Bosnia442.46 MBWAVView/Open
20_Paraguay.wavBook 2 - Paraguay49.8 MBWAVView/Open
21_Kyrgyzstan.wavBook 2 - Kyrgyzstan106.37 MBWAVView/Open
22_Guatemala.wavBook 2 - Guatamala142.04 MBWAVView/Open
23_Venezuela.wavBook 2 - Venezuela46.99 MBWAVView/Open
24_Ukraine.wavBook 2 - Ukraine84.83 MBWAVView/Open
25_Palestine.wavBook 2 - Palestine72.98 MBWAVView/Open
26_Nicaragua.wavBook 2 - Nicaragua76.72 MBWAVView/Open
27_El Salvador.wavBook 2 - El Salvador59.1 MBWAVView/Open
28_Haiti.wavBook 2 - Haiti109.96 MBWAVView/Open

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