The Mobile and Me: Canadian Youth Talk About their Mobile Phones

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Peter Lang
By exploring the practices of young people within the broader context of the national wireless industry and its marketing strategies, this chapter aims to highlight how the economics of youths’ mobile phone use might impinge on the broader politics of mobility in relation to young people as both consumers and political actors in the context of Canada’s current telecommunications regime. As the historical context where certain constellations of mobility take shape, we frame Canadian telecommunications politics as a space where the meanings of mobility are being defined. In examining how young mobile phone users are represented through discourses of regulation, marketing, and user appropriation, we extend the framework of constellations of mobility as a way of interconnecting young people’s everyday experiences of this increasingly prevalent technological sphere.
mobiles, youth, privacy, policy
Shepherd, T., & Shade, L. R. (2012). The Mobile and Me: Canadian Youth Talk About their Mobile Phones. In P. Vannini, L. Budd, C. Fisker, P. Jiron & O. Jensen (eds.), Technologies of Mobility in the Americas. New York: Peter Lang.