Advanced overview of multitemporal and hypertemporal remote sensing techniques

This item contains three parts: a narrated module providing an overview of practical and theoretical aspects of using remote sensing images of multiple dates; a case study of applying Principal Components Analysis (PCA) to a regional vegetation dataset to extract temporal patterns over 6 years; and a case study of applying harmonic analysis adapted for use with temporal spatial datasets to the extraction of data informing about spatial detail of ecoregional definition. The module and case studies are intended for the use of advanced remote sensing students and researchers. Material may be used and adapted/updated, with attribution.
This is a narrated Powerpoint. The text of the narration also appears in the notes. It will play on Adobe acrobat, however because of the audio it may take more than a minute to download before auto-opening. It may be preferable to download the file before playing, for slower connections.
remote sensing, multitemporal, hypertemporal, change detection, principal components temporal, harmonic analysis