The other woman was Lady Luck: true stories from Monte Carlo to Casino Windsor

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Lady Luck Enterprises
Lady Luck is an enduring cultural icon passed down through the ages. She has appeared in many guises in mythology and literature but she is almost universally regarded with a mixture of love and hate. It is informative to examine the roots of her reputation and image in our collective consciousness....Although this book focuses on women who live with male compulsive gamblers, it is not meant to ignore the population of female gamblers. Approximately two-thirds of pathological gamblers are men thus the emphasis on this group in this publication. In addition, at the present time, the vast majority of people in treatment are male. Experts in the field also observe that men quickly leave spouses who gamble; whereas, women tend to stand by a gambling mate.
Compulsive gambling, Compulsive gambling--Treatment, Lady Luck, Problem gambling--Social issues, Problem gambling--Families