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Title: Gambling behaviour and its relation to impulsivity, sensation seeking, and risky behaviour in males
Authors: Langewisch, Mark W. J. (Willem James)
Keywords: Personality behaviours;Problem gambling;Nonpathological gamblers;Gamblers;Gambling--Ontario
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: UMI
Abstract: Note: Originally published by the University of Windsor, 1997. Sensation seeking and impulsivity are two constructs of personality that are generally believed to be associated with risky behaviour including gambling. However, little empirical research has investigated this relationship. Similarly, there has been sparse research looking at whether or not gambling is actually related to other risky behaviors. The purpose of this study is to investigate these relationships. One hundred and forty-four male undergraduate university students completed several inventories measuring sensation seeking, impulsivity, gambling, and risky behaviors. Statistical analyses including correlations and regressions were run to determine the relationship between these constructs. A very high percentage of probable pathological gamblers was found in this study. Also, a significant difference was found between the relationships of sensation seeking, impulsivity, and risky behaviors with gambling when pathological and non-pathological gamblers were examined. Results should guide future research in these areas.
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