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Title: Gambling law enforcement in major American cities
Authors: Fowler, Floyd J. Jr.
Mangione, Thomas W.
Pratter, Frederick E.
Keywords: Gambling--United States.;United States--Gambling laws.;United States--Law enforcement.;Off-track betting--United States.;Lotteries--United States.;Horse racing--United States.
Issue Date: Sep-1978
Publisher: National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
Abstract: This project was designed to achieve two major goals: l) to examine the effects of legislative decisions related to gambling, with particular attention to recent decisions to permit some forms of legal commercial gambling; and 2) to examine the way gambling laws are enforced, with particular attention to variation in enforcement practices and the significance thereof. Sixteen randomly selected cities with populations 250,000 or larger were studied. The cities included a representation of various amounts of available legal gambling - from none to off-track betting, a legal lottery and legal horse racing. A Nevada city was also studied. In each city, key police officers, prosecutors, and judges were interviewed. Legal statutes were analyzed and record data collected. In 14 cities, a probability sample of police officers completed a self-administered questionnaire. In addition, a special set of questions dealing with gambling law enforcement was included in a national survey to provide data on citizen goals for gambling law enforcement.
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