Gambling, a review of the literature and its implications for policy and research : a Home Office research unit report

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Her Majesty's Stationery Office
The need for better information about gambling, both for the purpose of formulating policy and as a preliminary to examining future research requirements, suggested that a review of the research literature should be undertaken. The review has concentrated upon three main areas of enquiry: i. an examination of the economic and social significance of gambling and of the evidence concerning the existence, nature and extent of any adverse consequences; ii. a review of research to discover which factors determine, (a) the initial decision to gamble, and (b) continuous gambling behaviour; iii. a discussion of the implications of the research findings and other information reviewed, for the regulation of gambling, for the formulation of policy, and for future research requirements.
Gambling--Britain., Gambling--Social issues., Gambling--Betting., Gaming--Britain.