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Title: Time to deal : a comparison of the Native casino gambling policy in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Authors: Skea, Warren H.
Keywords: Gambling--Canada;Casinos--Alberta;Casinos--Saskatchewan;Casinos--Native communities;Native self-government--Canada
Issue Date: Oct-1996
Publisher: University of Calgary
Abstract: The process by which Native casino gambling policy was developed in Saskatchewan and Alberta during the period (1992-1996) is described and analyzed. Document analysis and interviewing was utilized within a rational choice theoretical model to identify macro, meso and micro level determinants. In addition, issues of Native sovereignty, self-government and jurisdiction are examined with regard to their role in the policy process. It is also argued that the Native casino gambling policy process unfolded due to the provincial governments' ideological system of governance. Further,results indicate that the sociological stages of legitimation, trust building and institutionalization were important variables in the development of policy. Based on the results, a causal model for Native casino gambling policy making is presented.
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