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Title: Inhibitory Neural Coding in the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei
Authors: Dykstra, Steven
Keywords: Electrophysiology;Deep Cerebellar Nuclei;Rebound Bursts;Neural Coding
Issue Date: 9-Mar-2015
Abstract: This study examines the response of Weak and Transient burst deep cerebellar nuclear (DCN) neurons when they are stimulated by physiological patterns of Purkinje cell inhibitory input in vitro. We also report the DCN neurons response to regular patterns of Purkinje cell firing defined by a CV2 analysis, as well as complex spike discharge. Currently the functional significance, and input parameters that generate rebound bursts in the DCN are unknown. Here we report that there are subtle differences in the Weak and Transient cell burst response suggesting the presence of differential coding by DCN neurons. Reverse correlation between DCN cell bursts and Purkinje cell input revealed an elevation-pause pattern of Purkinje cell firing triggers a rebound burst, while CV2-defined patterns and complex spikes failed to reliably trigger rebound responses. This work identifies a framework for future studies to investigate the relationship between Purkinje cell input and DCN output.
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