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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
28-May-2015Avalanche Beacon Parks: Skill Development and Group Coordination in a Technological Training GroundDesjardins, Audrey; Greenberg, Saul; Wakkary, Ron; Hambelton, Jeff
22-Apr-2015A Shape-Shifting Wall Display that Supports Individual and Group ActivitiesTakashima, Kazuki; Greenberg, Saul; Sharlin, Ehud; Kitamura, Yoshifumi
18-Feb-2015Proxemic-Aware Controls: Designing Remote Controls for Ubiquitous Computing EcologiesLedo, David; Greenberg, Saul; Marquardt, Nicolai; Boring, Sebastian
29-Oct-2014SonicData: Broadcasting Data via Sound for SmartphonesNittala, Aditya Shekhar; Yang, Xing-Dong; Sharlin, Ehud; Bateman, Scott; Greenberg, Saul
29-Oct-2014CipherCard: Enhancing Security on Common Touchscreen Devices using Two-factor AuthenticationSeyed, Teddy; Yang, Xing-Dong; Tang, Anthony; Greenberg, Saul; Gu, Jiawei; Zhu, Bin; Cao, Xiang
17-Oct-2014Enhancing Workspace Awareness on Collaborative Transparent DisplaysLi, Jiannan; Greenberg, Saul; Sharlin, Ehud
12-Mar-2014Is Anyone Looking? Mitigating Shoulder Surfing on Public Displays through Awareness and ProtectionBrudy, Frederik; Ledo, David; Greenberg, Saul; Butz, Andreas
24-Jan-2014Dark Patterns in Proxemic Interactions: A Critical PerspectiveGreenberg, Saul; Boring, Sebastian; Vermeulen, Jo; Dostal, Jakub
24-Jan-2014Interactive Two-Sided Transparent Displays: Designing for CollaborationLi, Jiannan; Greenberg, Saul; Sharlin, Ehud; Jorge, Joaquim
23-Jan-2014Is Anyone Looking? – Mediating Shoulder Surfing on Public DisplaysBrudy, Frederik; Ledo, David; Greenberg, Saul
10-Dec-2013A Tool Supporting the Extraction of Angling Effort Data from Remote Camera ImagesGreenberg, Saul; Godin, Theresa
7-Aug-2013Designing Social Greetings and Proxemics in Human Robot InteractionHeenan, Brandon; Greenberg, Saul; Aghelmanesh, Setareh; Sharlin, Ehud
9-Jul-2013Applying Geocaching to Mobile Citizen Science through Science CachingDunlap, Matthew; Tang, Anthony; Greenberg, Saul
19-Feb-2013ProjectorKit: Easing the Development of Interactive Applications for Mobile ProjectorsWeigel, Martin; Boring, Sebastian; Steimle, Jurgen; Marquardt, Nicolai; Greenberg, Saul; Tang, Anthony
1-Feb-2013Showing Real-time Recommendations to explore the stages of Reflection and actionAseniero, Bon Adriel; Tang, Anthony; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Greenberg, Saul
1-Feb-2013Mobile Proxemic Awareness and Control: Exploring the Design Space for Interaction with a Single ApplianceLedo, David; Greenberg, Saul
24-Jan-2013Designing the Car iWindow: Exploring Interaction through Vehicle Side WindowsLi, Jiannan; Sharlin, Ehud; Greenberg, Saul; Rounding, Mike
23-Jan-2013Interacting with Microseismic VisualizationsMostafa, Ahmed; Sharlin, Ehud; Greenberg, Saul; Costa Sousa, Mario; Brazil, Emilio
3-Jan-2013Paperbox - A toolkit for exploring tangible interaction on interactive surfacesWiethoff, Alexander; Schneider, Hanna; Kufner, Julia; Rohs, Michael; Butz, Andreas; Greenberg, Saul
12-Oct-2012From Focus to Context and Back: Combining Mobile Projectors and Stationary DisplaysWeigel, Martin; Boring, Sebastian; Marquardt, Nicolai; Steimle, Jurgen; Greenberg, Saul; Tang, Anthony
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 195
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