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Title: Mountain Town with A Vision: A Case Study In Sustainable Community Development in Revelstoke, British Columbia
Authors: Feick, Jenny L
Keywords: Sustainability;Sustainable development;Community development;Sustainable community development;Strategic planning;Future state visioning;Environmental citizenship;Ecosystem-based management;Forestry;Revelstoke;British Columbia
Issue Date: Jul-1995
Abstract: This Masters Degree Project applies the concepts of Sustainable Community Development (SCD) and Future State Visioning (FSV) to a specific case study --Revelstoke, in interior British Columbia. This community is struggling to break from its "boom and bust" economy by setting a vision to achieve a sustainable community by balancing environmental, social and economic values. The MDP describes, interprets and assesses Revelstoke's vision setting process and Vision Statement using triangulation of both quantitative and qualitative methods. The research assesses the potential utility of the process in SCD and the vision' s initial use. Community visioning shows potential as a tool in SCD if people involved in the process apply principles to other processes, decisions and documents affecting the community's future. Revelstoke vision-setting process would have been more effective had it involved broad based community participation, and if community-supported definitions of key concepts would have been developed.
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