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Title: OncoNET Kerala - A Paradigm for Cancer Management in Developing Countries
Authors: Kumar, A.
Manoj, G.
Rajan, B.
Keywords: India;Telehealth;Technology
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2005
Publisher: Presented at Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg
Abstract: Transferring Images: "OncoNet Kerala" - A telemedicine project, developed by Electronic Research & Development Centre (I), Trivandrum, and launched at RCC, hopes to cut down patient visits at Indian cancer hospitals by at least 30%. The project comprises an oncology network at RCC and telemedicine services in cancer detection, treatment, pain relief and patient follow-up at RCC and its peripheral centres. All the peripheral centres have been converted into teleclinics, connected with RCC through VSAT connectivity.
Description: This presentation was given by Dr. Aswin Kumar at the Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg on April 8th, 2005.
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