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NSERC SurfNet is a Canadian alliance of academic researchers, industry partners and government collaborators. The goal of SurfNet is to improve the development, performance, and usability of software applications for surface computing environments of digital display surfaces, such as multi-touch screens, tabletops, wall-sized displays and hand-held devices. We develop innovative collaboration techniques for digital display surfaces to encourage interaction with data in a productive and creative way.

SurfNet’s vision is to integrate innovative research in two critical areas – software engineering (SE) and human-computer interaction (HCI) – to identify critical requirements, design new engineering processes, and build new tools for surface-based application development.

SurfNet’s fundamental research is clustered into three research themes and four application areas.


  • Humanizing the Digital Interface
  • Improving Software Time to Market, and
  • Building Infrastructure for Digital Surfaces.

  • Planning, Monitoring and Control Environments
  • Learning, Gaming, New Media and Digital Homes
  • Software Team Rooms
  • Health Technologies
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