Closed Loop Cryptocurrency Mining in Alberta

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In the highly connected age of information and data, the push for the development of ‘clean data’ has necessitated sustainability strategies for data centers. Green innovations are increasingly implemented to reduce the formidable power consumption of inefficient computing processes while heat reuse solutions repurpose the large volumes of server waste heat, decreasing facility footprint. This project examined the efficiency optimization potential of co-located power generation and greenhouse waste heat reuse for cryptocurrency data center platforms in Alberta. The proposed 45 MW data center capitalized on favorable climatic conditions to reduce energy requirements, improving facility efficiency and decreasing theoretical PUE values from 2.13 to 1.51. Resultant waste heat sufficiently supplied year-round heating to an 8.34-acre greenhouse suitable for commercial cannabis growth. The total annual avoided emissions for this proposed system were calculated at 70,000 tonnes of CO2, illustrating the potential of integrated economizer cyles and waste heat reuse in Alberta.