Stallworthy of the Mounted: A Textual Analysis of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Arctic Presence, 1923-1935

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On the surface, this thesis explores a few incidents in the life of an individual Mountie, Harry Stallworthy. However, in depth it examines how Stallworthy’s work intersected with Canadian sovereignty and colonialism in a period of Canadian history when representations of Canadian icons (the North and the Mountie) were of great importance. It also develops a framework that could be used to analyze texts found in many archival fonds. This thesis investigates the way RCMP officer Harry Stallworthy wrote differently for different audiences about the experiences he had while supporting the Canadian government’s attempts to establish control over the Arctic in the 1920s and 30s.
Canadian history, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP, Harry Stallworthy, Arctic, Canadian sovereignty, Ellesmere Island, Maggie Clay, Colonialism, Textual analysis, Archival research methods, Chesterfield Inlet, Inuit special constables, Inughuit, Muskox, Oxford University Ellesmere Island expedition, Nukappiannguaq, Edward Shackleton
Heumann, M. (2020). Stallworthy of the Mounted: a textual analysis of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Arctic presence, 1923-1935 (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from