Building a Case for Using “Coercive Control” in Alberta: Discussion Paper

As part of Shift’s collaboration with IMPACT (a provincial collective impact initiative to eradicate domestic and sexual violence in Alberta), a series of papers and trainings modules are being developed to help build an evidence-informed primary prevention framework in Alberta. This particular report was focused on helping members of IMPACT better understand the coercive control model and examine the potential of adopting the model to inform the development of Alberta’s primary prevention framework. A presentation of the findings was also developed and shared with IMPACT members. Findings from this review suggest that the coercive control model has many strengths; however, adoption of the model in Alberta will require additional research to address its limitations and understand the usefulness of the model in advancing primary prevention.
Lee, L., Wells, L., Gray, S. & Esina, E. (2020). Building a case for using “Coercive Control” in Alberta: Discussion paper. Calgary, AB: The University of Calgary, Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence. pp. 1-41.