The Case for Energy Storage in Alberta, Canada

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Around the world, power grids are evolving. They represent a point of convergence for a wide range of policy objectives from economic growth to climate change mitigation. This is the case in the province of Alberta, home of a deregulated electricity market that connects Western Canada to the wider North American Bulk Electric System. Technological advancements and environmental mandates have altered how electricity is produced, distributed, and consumed. Energy storage can help the Alberta Electric System Operator navigate this transition by providing valuable grid services that ensure system reliability and optimize renewable generation. Pumped hydroelectric, lithium ion batteries, compressed air, thermal energy storage, flywheels, and hydrogen fuel cells will be evaluated for feasibility in Alberta. It was found that the deployment of lithium ion batteries and flywheels would best support the energy and regulatory requirements of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System.
Flowerday, S. C. (2020). The Case for Energy Storage in Alberta, Canada (Unpublished master's project). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.