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dc.contributor.authorColetto, David
dc.contributor.editorFitzsimmons, Scott
dc.contributor.editorMcDougall, Alex
dc.description.abstractMuch like electoral systems, election finance regimes are not benign institutions but central features of a political system that can have significant effects on the nature of democracy within a country. Money impacts the ability of political parties to contest elections and deliver their message to voters. It is an important resource to increase political knowledge and mobilize voters during an election. Therefore, assessing the state of political finance of Canadian political parties is essential to understanding the Canadian political environment.
dc.rights© Innovations: A Journal of Politics 1998-2041
dc.titleParty Finance in Canada Since 2001
dc.typejournal article
dc.publisher.departmentPolitical Science
dc.publisher.institutionUniversity of Calgary

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© Innovations: A Journal of Politics 1998-2041