The Use of Telepathology in Veterinary Medicine: A Scoping Review Protocol

Background: Telepathology, as a subset of teleconsulting, is pathological interpretation performed at a distance. Diagnostics can be difficult to access by rural veterinary practices yet are vital to the health of production animal herds often serviced by these practices. The technology and availability of telepathology services has not been assessed to identify gaps in the literature and means of improving diagnostics services to rural veterinary clinics. Objectives: The objective of this scoping review is to provide an overview of how telepathology is being used in veterinary medicine. Eligibility criteria: Peer reviewed journal articles and grey literature in the English language and published after 2000 will be included in the study. It must be relevant to performing pathological interpretation at a distance in veterinary medicine. Literature about radiology, bacteriology, and relevant to human medicine will be excluded. Sources of evidence: Searches will be conducted in CAB Abstracts and MEDLINE. Websites from national veterinary medical associations, veterinary pathologist membership organizations, and international animal health organizations will be searched for grey literature. Charting methods: Data charting will include study characteristics, sector of pathology, technology used for communication, technology used for pathological interpretation, and a summary of the literature objectives and conclusions.
Scoping review protocol
Telepathology, Veterinary medicine, Scoping review, Protocol
Rogers, L. Ganshorn, H., Galezowski, A., Goldsmith, D. Legge, C. Davies, J. (2021). The Use of Telepathology in Veterinary Medicine: A Scoping Review Protocol. University of Calgary.