Kinship and migration among Calgary residents of Indian origin

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This study is an attempt to explore the relationship between kin-ship and migration among Calgarian residents of Indian origin. The anticipated findings were: 1. Family relations stimulate migration. 2. For the migrant in the new milieu, kinship relations serve as an agency of socialization. Sixty-five persons of Indian origin and thirteen non-Indians were inter­viewed. The formal questionnaire, the semi-structured interview and participant observation were the chief techniques which were employed in the collection of data; concepts of socialization, reference group, and group interaction, which have been advanced by Eisenstadt, Merton and Simmel are adopted as the framework of exploration. Data did not conclusively support the anticipated findings. Re­sponses to the limited interviews revealed education and employment as predominating reasons for migration. The adjustments,which had to be undergone in the off-reservation setting.were effected with the aid of social agencies rather than with that of family relations.
Bibliography: p. 76-79.
Atwell, P. H. (1969). Kinship and migration among Calgary residents of Indian origin (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/14857