The Glass Menagerie in 1986: truth or illusion : a director's study for production

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This thesis is a written record of a research project in directing conducted by the author in the Department of Drama at The University of Calgary. The production opened on November 19, 1986 in The Reeve Theatre and it was performed eight times. Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie was written in 1945. Since then, this play has been produced many times and is a popular favorite with amateur theatre groups and schools. With such a familiar work, the director must carefully interpret the play, while concentrating on making the presentation relevant and entertaining for a present day audience. He does this by making a series of precise choices and decisions. This thesis explains how those choices contribute to the final product seen on the stage. The thesis is divided into three major parts. The first section is an interpretive essay examining the problems of staging this play in 1986; it examines the relationship between the style and the dramatic action of the piece. The second section is a clarification of the directorial concept and an examination of the research process. The final section is a day to day account of the entire production process from the first design meeting until opening night. iii
Bibliography: p. 115-116.
Isaac, R. (1987). The Glass Menagerie in 1986: truth or illusion : a director's study for production (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/19263