Airdrie: a needs assessment survey

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The major purpose of this research study was to conduct a needs assessment in the city of Airdrie. A questionnaire was developed and mailed to a random sample of 530 residents. Respondents were asked to respond to questions which focused on their attitudes toward Airdrie, their perceptions on social problems, their satisfaction with the current social service delivery system, and their experiences in using the services available. Demographic data was also collected. Results showed that residents generally enjoyed Iiving in Airdrie and that they shared a sense of community spirit and pride. There was, however, concern among residents toward social issues such as unemployment, substance abuse and family conflict. Generally, respondents were dissatisfied with the current level of services available. Results indicated that residents may be precluded from seeking and obtaining services which are located in Calgary. A comparison between the services available in Airdrie and in other Alberta cities demonstrated that Airdrie residents are at a disadvantage with respect to the services available in their community. Support for expanding the current social service delivery system was demonstrated. Specifically, there was a need to provide residents with access to specialized counselling services. Support was also demonstrated for expanding bus service into Calgary and thereby making Calgary-based services more accessible to Airdrie residents.
Bibliography: p. 116-119.
Gubbels, P. (1988). Airdrie: a needs assessment survey (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/20194