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Title: Establishing treatment services for pathological gamblers in Manitoba : report to the Manitoba Lotteries Foundation
Authors: Volberg, Rachel A.
Keywords: Compulsive gambling--Treatment--Manitoba;Gamblers--Services for--Manitoba
Issue Date: 8-Jun-1993
Publisher: Manitoba Lotteries Foundation
Abstract: The Manitoba Lotteries Foundation commissioned this study to identify the prevalence of possible pathological gambling among the general population of the province. The results of the survey showed that 1.3% of Manitoba residents aged 18 and over can be classified as possible pathological gamblers. This is a similar rate to that found in other jurisdictions. Included is a discussion of the methods used to develop information presented in the report, a review of the literature on the treatment of pathological gambling, and a discussion of current infrastructure of treatment services in Manitoba. The report concludes with recommendations for the future to prevent and treat pathological gambling in Manitoba.
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