Spirituality and counselling

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A phenomenological hermeneutics research format was used to understand how spirituality relates to counselling. In embracing this research approach it was important to consider the historical forces that initially dismissed the spiritual dimension in our interpretation of the human experience and then shaped its coming to the fore as an emergent and significant issue in the field of psychology. Four counsellors who work from a transpersonal perspective were interviewed for their account of how spirituality comes to life within the counselling process. In the research process they participated as co-researchers in a shared journey of discovery about the subject of concern. Eleven themes about spirituality and counselling emerged from the co-researchers' narratives. The implications of these themes for counselling theory, practise, and research were considered, particularly in light of the need to incorporate a spiritual or transpersonal perspective into the theories and training programs that guide counsellors' practise. The significance of the phenomenological hermeneutic perspective as an orientation for exploring spirituality was highlighted because of an observed similarity between this research orientation and a spiritual orientation.
Bibliography: p. 160-178.
Rich, M. (1994). Spirituality and counselling (Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. doi:10.11575/PRISM/15354