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Title: Chance, luck and statistics : the science of chance
Other Titles: The Science of Chance
Your Chance to Win
Authors: Levinson, Horace C.
Keywords: Probabilities;Statistics
Issue Date: 1963
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc.
Abstract: This book examines the fundamentals governing chance and applies them to sports, government, business, and other fields. Part I "Chance" concerns the theory of probability in relation to superstitions, fallacies, speculation and betting / casino game odds. Part II "Statistics" applies probability theory to statistics, including its relevance to work, advertising, business and other areas.
Description: This new Dover edition, first published in 1963. is a revised and enlarged version ot the work published by Rinehart & Company in 1950 under the former title: The Science of Chance. The first edition of this work, published in 1939, was called Your Chance to Win.
ISBN: 0-486-21007-3
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