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Title: An investigation of bingo operations in New York State : a report by the New York State Commission of Investigation
Authors: New York State Commission of Investigation
Keywords: Bingo--New York State;Crime--New York State
Issue Date: Dec-1961
Publisher: New York State Commission of Investigation
Abstract: Since its organization in 1958, the Commission of Investigation, in addition to several major investigations in other fields, and in keeping with its statutory duties, has been persistent in its efforts against organized crime and racketeering. Inevitably, the main front of the battle centered in the area of gambling, the principal source of organized criminal power and finances. Investigations of illegal gambling conducted in Ithaca, Buffalo and throughout central New York against the gambling rackets resulted in major crackdowns, numerous prosecutions, increased public awareness and, in some cases, revitalization of local law enforcement efforts. In all of these investigations one fact became eminently clear. Lucrative proceeds of gambling filled the treasury which fed the underworld. This report is an account of another of the Commission's investigations into racketeering in gambling—in this case a form of legalized gambling—bingo. The Commission believes this report to be significant in two respects. First, it presents a history of the investigation itself; second, it is a study of the evils that attend an attempt by the community to legalize and control a gambling activity. As the report will demonstrate, racketeers and professional gamblers who operated bingo in violation of the law prior to legalization, continued to enjoy these gambling profits after legalization, using techniques of deception, fraud and corruption of public officials.
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