La fragmentacion en Aqui pasan cosas raras de Luisa Valenzuela

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This thesis investigates the fragmentation of the body, individual identity, society and language in the short stories of Aquí pasan cosas raras by Luisa Valenzuela. The different types of disintegration evidenced in this text occur during a time of intense political violence and personal insecurity in Argentina during the early 1970s; however, they are also symptomatic of a postmodern context as indicated by Jean-François Lyotard in The Postmodern Condition. Mark Ledbetter, in Victims and the Postmodern Narrative, details the characteristics and goals of the multiple struggles between the fragmented entities and the controlling entity that arise in a postmodern setting and are apparent in this collection by Valenzuela. The desire of the fragmented entity (body/identity) in Aquí pasan cosas raras is to create, through a new type of communication to be deciphered by a perceptive receiver, a message relaying a unique personal testimony that will be remembered.
Bibliography: p. 121-123
Accession 2005.028, donated by Blanka Bracic, contains a transcript and CD of Ms. Bracic's interview with Louisa Valenzuela.