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Title: E-Psychology: Between Charity and Business
Authors: Jordanova, M.M.
Keywords: Bulgaria;Telecommunication;Psychology;Remote Consultation
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Jordanova, Malina. 2005. E-Psychology: Between Charity and Business. The Cyprus Journal of Sciences. Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 3: 19-31.
Abstract: The convergence of electronic equipment and telecommunication facilities for exchange of audio, video, and/or text therapeutic communications has been termed epsychology. It is used when face-to-face contact with licensed psychologist is impossible. This paper presents е-psychology consultations and their pros and cons as foreseen in an ongoing е-health project, aiming to employ remote networking technology to enable direct communication between experts and patients for virtual consultations, supervisions, psychological evaluations and continuous monitoring. Thus the projects will offer high quality psychological service via Internet.
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