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Title: Re-inventing African Chieftaincy in the Age of AIDS, Gender and Development. Volume I. Overview
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Authors: Ray, D.I.
Quinlan, T.
Sharma, K.
Keywords: African Chiefs;South Africa;Botswana;Ghana;AIDS;Gender;Development;rural development;Queenmothers;House of Chiefs;traditional land;customary laws
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2006
Series/Report no.: IDRC #003927
Abstract: Traditional leaders are re-inventing themselves and their offices in terms of how they promote development for their communities. The IDRC-funded research found that in Botswana, Ghana and South Africa, traditional leaders remain, for a variety of reasons, important to the design and implementation of development regardless of whether or not traditional leaders have statutory jurisdiction granted by the post-colonial state. Traditional leaders seek to be active collaborators in development interventions.
Description: Volume I of a 4 volume report on African chieftaincy in the age of AIDS, gender and development
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