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Title: Research on family interventions
Authors: Bell, Janice M.
Wright, Lorraine M.
Keywords: Nursing
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Gaetan Morin editeur, Cheneliere Education
Citation: Bell, J.M. & Wright, L.M. (2007). "Research on family interventions." In F. Duhamel (Ed.), Families and health: a systemic approach in nursing care (2nd ed.). Montreal, QC, Canada: Gaetan Morin Editeur, Chemeliere Education.
Description: Also published in french. Bell, J.M., & Wright, L.M. (2007). La recherche sur la pratique des soins infirmiers a la famille [Research on family interventions]. In F. Duhamel (Ed.), La santé et la famille: Une approche systémique en soins infirmiers [Families and health: A systemic approach in nursing care] (2nd ed.). Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Gaetan Morin editeur, Chenelière Éducation.
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